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  • Why does my plate heat exchanger leak?

    Leaks from this type of heat exchanger are caused by damaged gaskets between the plates, or defective plates. 

  • Why does my shell and tube heat exchanger leak?

    If your shell and tube heat exchanger has a visible leak, the cause is usually one of two conditions:  A hole in the shell or leaks caused, or damaged gaskets.  After an inpsection of your heat exchanger, XChanger Mechanical can determine the cause of your leak and provide a proposal to repair.

  • Do I need to retube my heat exchanger?

    Xchanger Mechanical recommends that a shell and tube heat exchanger be retubed when you have one of the following scenarios:  Non-destructive testing shows significant tubes are worn, or 10% of your tubes have been plugged.  

  • Do I need regular annual maintenance?

    Regular maintenance is always a good idea.  It ensures everything is in appropriate working condition, and provides opportunity to prevent future emergency repairs.

  • Can you clean my heat exchanger on site?

    XChanger Mechanical can clean your heat exchanger on site or in our warehouse.

  • What is the best method for cleaning my heat exchanger?

    After inspection of your heat exchanger, XChanger Mechanical will recommend the best cleaning method for your heat exchanger based on our findings.