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XChanger Mechanical has developed superior methods and procedures for cleaning heat exchangers and condensers. We inspect each unit so that blockages and improperly plugged tubes can be detected, marked and repaired.

Key Benefits of Tube Cleaning Heat Exchangers and Condensers

  • More efficient steam cycle
  • Lowered heat rate

Cleaning Methods:


Using a compressed air/water mixture, we propel stiff bristle brushes through the tubes to remove mud and soft deposits.


Using high-pressure water, we shoot scrapers through the tubes to remove hard scale.  We have the ability to adjust the tension of the scraper blades to insure minimal damage to the tubes during cleaning.

Rotating Mechanical Brushes and Scrapers

For smaller heat exchangers, we use equipment similar to Thomas C. Wilson’s “WILS-AWAY” equipment to remove scale.  Scrapers or brushes are driven via high-speed motor with a flexible cable to remove and flush debris.


XChanger Mechanical can immerse heat exchangers in a cleaning solution.  This process will remove baked-on residue from both the outside and inside of the tubes or plates, allowing all the tubes to be cleaned.  This chemical bath will not harm copper, stainless steel or carbon steel tubes.


XChanger Mechanical is an expert in the turnkey application of protective coatings.  For industrial plants these coatings are most often used for the protection or restoration of concrete floors and containment areas.  Tanks, waterboxes, cooling towers and pump casings are other possible applications.


XChanger Mechanical uses proprietary hydraulic tools to install metal inserts in tubes as a means of repairing tube sheets and heat exchanger/condenser tubes.


XChanger Mechanical has extensive experience in troubleshooting heat exchanger or condenser problems.  To arrive at a proper diagnosis, we use a full range of testing methods to properly and accurately assess the problem and develop a repair plan.

  • Proven methods for analyzing heat exchanger and condenser problems
  • Accurate and cost-efficient

These tests allow us to determine the full nature of the heat exchanger problem and develop cost-effective repair methods.


XChanger Mechanical has experience in the repair of tubular air heaters and associated equipment.  We have developed special techniques for repairing tubular air heaters.  These repairs include:

  • Metal Inserts: Expansion of metal inserts into tubes to repair holes or combat erosion
  • Coupling: Installing couplings to allow new tube sections to be installed.
  • Retubing: Performing complete retubing service


XChanger Mechanical has considerable experience and expertise to complete welding and fabrication assignments.  We maintain quality programs to insure that any project is completed in a professional manner.  Welding and fabrication projects can be completed at your site or in our warehouse in Cartersville GA.


XChanger specializes in Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger (PHE) maintenance.  We offer OEM and non-OEM plates and gaskets.
XChanger is committed to developing new technology and up to date innovations to provide the best practical solution to refurbish and repair Plate and Frame heat exchangers.


XChanger Mechanical has experience in the repair and maintenance of many varieties of single stage turbines.  Our technicians can remove the single stage turbine from your facility, refurbish the unit and reinstall it your facility.  All repairs carry a one year warranty.