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Condensers and Large Heat Exchangers

XChanger Mechanical has relevant experience in the repair and cleaning of large condensers and heat exchangers.  These methods include:



  1. For large condenser and heat exchangers, XChanger recommends pushing a brush or scraper through each tube.  A number of devices are pictured below.  Once these tubes have been cleaned with a brush or scraper, XChanger supervisors will “light inspect” each tube to ensure that the scraper or brush has not been left behind and that debris has been removed appropriately.


  1. Once XChanger has confirmed that the condenser/heat exchanger should be retubed, we develop a detailed, firm price proposal and schedule for your approval.
  2. XChanger has developed many specialized tools to ensure the retubing project will be completed with exceptional quality and on time.
  3. If a retubing is not needed, the necessary repair can be completed, using metal inserts or with epoxy coating.

 Cleaning Tools for Condensers          Tube Scrapers



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