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Heat Exchanger Cleaning

XChanger Mechanical uses a number of mechanical and chemical means to clean both shell and tube as well as various types of plate heat exchangers.  These methods include:

  1. Shooting a metal or plastic scraper through the tubes of a heat exchanger to remove debris, mud and scale.
  2. Using heated and turbulent chemical fluids, XChanger immerses a heat exchanger into this atmosphere to remove mud and scale.
  3. High velocity flush the shell side of a heat exchanger with various solvents to remove mud and scale.
  4. Using mechanical means and solvents clean various pieces of each heat exchanger.


Once this cleaning has taken place, XChanger Mechanical uses a number of methods to check the integrity of each tube or plate.  Depending on the situation, the following techniques are used:

  1. Light inspection of plates to insure no cracks or holes.
  2. Use of nondestructive techniques to detect and cracks or holes on plates.
  3. For tubes, apply a vacuum or pressure to determine, if there are holes or worn areas on each tube.
  4. Using eddy current testing procedures, XChanger can determine, if you will have any future leaks on the tested cooler or heat exchanger.






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