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Tubular Air Heater Repair

XChanger Mechanical has years of experience in the repair of tubular air heaters (TAH).  We have mastered a number of techniques to restore your TAH to optimum efficiency.  These methods include:

  1. Complete replacement of all or some of the tubes in the air heater.  XChanger Mechanical offers firm pricing for this type of work as well as superior scheduling. 
  2. Tube inserts can be installed when only a portion of the tube is damaged.  This includes inlet and outlet end erosion caused by the entrained sand an unburned fuel leaves in the boiler.  Inserts are custom manufactured to solve your specific problem.
  3. In certain instances when a portion of the tube is damaged, we will replace only that portion of each tube.  The new tube material is then connected to the old tubing in a manner to ensure no leaks.

XChanger Mechanical can develop a specialized repair method for your air heater during an outage inspection.  These inspections can be completed, and reports filed, with little or no cost to your company.

Tubular Air Heater

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